Orion With Twilight

>>>>>>Orion With Twilight

Orion With Twilight

Retail-$2,149 Sale Price-$1,699

The PR405-MLA Orion is the first three-position power recliner with Twilight Technology!  The Orion recliner allows for new positions called “Lounge” and “Rejuvenate” that no other three-position recliner can offer and these new positions offer a new level of relaxation thanks to Twilight positioning technology.



Introducing the world’s first three-position power recliner with Twilight Technology! Our dual-motor system comes standard and allows for a deeper recline to achieve rejuvenating positions no other three-position chair on the market offers. Rest, relax and rejuvenate in the Orion with Twilight for a weightless experience!

Twilight positioning is like no other seating system in the world.


Proudly Made by Americans ( with domestic & imported materials)


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